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Healing from within

Tantric Glow

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“You levitated here as you are ready to either heal, or dive deeper within... are you ready to glow! 

 - Lisa-Marie



Energy Massage

This full body massage will help you relax. I will advise you on breathing techniques throughout. You will wear an eye cover to completely switch off from the outside world. Smell the incense aroma fragrances in a private room while listening to sensual music.


We do not offer Lingam or Yoni here at Tantric Glow on any of our massages

1 hour - £100

1.5 hours (30 mins Reiki) - £130

1.5 hours - £140

2 hours - £190


Energy & Rituals Massage

Similar to option 1, but we will start with tantra rituals, which will give you a deeper connection and help you gain knowledge with important Buddhist and Sanskrit teachings which will help you with being more present, could help towards future relationships and could guide yourself with self pleasure and to feel a deeper connection with your light source and inner energy force

1.5 hours- £150


Four Hand Massage

This massage is like option 1, but there will be another masseuse present. Four hands will be massaging your body. This is an intense massage to heighten your senses

1 hour - £222

2 hours - £380



Here I will talk about the rituals and we will do practical rituals together (the authentic kind) No massage is included in this option 

30 mins - £50


Couples or Singles
  • If you are looking for a couples tantra massage or workshop, please email to enquire 

  • If you are looking for a singles tantra workshop, please email to enquire

  • If you are interested in joining a tantra retreat, please email to enquire



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Benefits of getting a Tantra massage? 

  • Stress & anxiety relief

  • Connect back to your senses (especially if you are feeling numb)

  • Helps stop addictions such as porn/drugs/alcohol

  • Soothes pain in joints & muscles

  • Removal of toxins/heavy metals

  • Moves energy & strengthens inner balance

  • Encourages sleep/insomnia

  • Helps with premature ejaculation (in men & women) by moving the energy focus away from the genitals/groin area & raising energy up to the top of your head

  • Total relaxation

  • Enjoying the moment, becoming lost in time (one client told me the whole experience became timeless) 

  • Feeling of bliss & joy, deep meditative state

  • Sex education - understanding your sensuality, feeling your bodies sensations/organs, and overcoming shame from sexual abuse or childhood traumas

  • Helps stimulate hormones, move blockages from trapped memories or trauma stored in your subconscious mind & cellular memories

  • Helps if you are feeling isolated, lack of confidence or life energy

  • Some clients have experienced universal (energy) orgasm

How Tanrtic Glow was created -


Tantric glow was born through my own trauma & healing journey, I had been suffering from depression from the age of 12 years old due to a few factors. I also had strong feelings, which lead to deep over thinking, this noise in my head became too much, so I blocked it out with substance abuse, which lead to many more mishaps to follow, but going through this, led me to my beautiful healing journey. I started to study tantra & experience my own massages through wonderful tantric professionals. I now offer my services to help people relax, feel more of their senses, dive deeper into their healing path or spiritual development. Reiki Master, 13th Rite of the Womb Wisdom Keeper & Light Language Healer. I am an empath & clairsentient, I hope to meet you soon. Peace, Love & Light 




Cardiff, Bristol, London - UK 




Open -

Wednesday 11am till 3pm

Tuesday & Thursday - 6:30pm till 8pm 

Sundays - 2pm till 6pm

Closed - Mondays, Fridays, Saturday


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Clinic location -
Cardiff, CF24 & CF3 & London the last weekend of month


You will not be disappointed

I have to admit that I was a little sceptical about everything but was happy to 'go with the flow' and enjoy some quality 'me time'. However, I was wrong. Lisa - Marie is remarkable. I do not know what she does but I had a very powerful experience and I actually felt the energy moving about my body. The hour passed in a flash and I have to say that for the following few days I felt calm, relaxed and very much in control. When time permits I will be back.


A levitating experience

I never believed there could be a connection between spiritualism and physical contact. Until I met Lisa-Marie. I experienced how a massage could be sensual as well as uplifting, enhance the power of meditation to generate motivation, improve concentation and heal mental scars. Thank you Lisa for showing me the way.


Reiki session review

Lisa was warm and friendly and has a lovely gentle energy which put me at ease straight away. The reiki session was really effective and the setting was super relaxed, Lisa took her time and was extremely thorough, we finished with a summary too which was really beneficial. I would highly recommend Lisa's services


Unbelievable experience

Having been a serious suffer of PTSD and anxiety in the past and now again in the present, I needed help. I’ve always been a non-believer in medication and believe I can figure this out for myself but not got a clue how to apart from running and “go and get some fresh air”. Then I found Lisa.

The Before - Lisa made me feel relaxed and was so welcoming. I instantly felt I had known her for years and it was like being down the pub chatting away. We discussed all things me and what to expect.

The Massage - Lisa explained the importance of my breathing. It worked. Her own breathing techniques helped me during the massage and prompted me too when I was drifting away.
The energy that’s produced/created/discovered/found was such an experience. Her hand on my hand and on my body was something I’ve never experience before.

The after - the immediate after care kicked in straight away with Lisa. Advising me to take my time and checking I’m ok whilst having a refreshing cold drink waiting for me. Talking about what she discovered with me and telling her my personal highlights so she can work on them the next time. I returned home that night to a detailed email about the massage and recommendations what I could be doing post massage and research suggestions. I asked for this to enhance my experience for next time and help on my journey.

Highly recommended. This is not just an amazing massage experience. This is someone who cares, a skilled and knowledgable person, who’s been there and got the T-shirt. Thank you.


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